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SALE: Cute Chibi Layton Charms!



SALE: Cute Chibi Layton Charms!

imageimageimageimageSALE: Cute Chibi Layton Charms!

Hey dahlings! Would anyone be interested in some super cute chibi Layton charms? :D I felt inspired after seeing so many talented crafters creating cute charms of their own, that I just had to make some Layton ones :)

Each charm is ~2” tall (Luke being a bit smaller than the other two), die-cut on glossy clear acrylic, and features a fun double-sided design! Each character has a unique front and back design so they look good no matter which side they land on! :D The charms are shiny and colorful, and work great as phone charms, keychains, and little fun accessories.

Omg honey sign me up for those~!

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